The Classic Country Kitchen

Our Monticello kitchen takes its name and inspiration from the famous plantation house of Thomas Jefferson (built in stages between 1768 and 1809). This mansion, designed by Jefferson himself, is characterised by welcoming spaces and extremely original working solutions, all hidden under a veil of classical elegance. In this building, strongly palladian in style, architectural knowledge and cultural references to classicism find an admirable synthesis and a perfect balance between lightness and discipline.

The cornices of our canopies, a refined example of quality craftsmanship, faithfully reproduce the moulding style typically proposed by carpentry manuals in England and America since the beginning of the 18th Century. But to be able to recognise an authentic bespoke kitchen you need to observe the doors: They must be mounted on an exposed frame on the typical brass hinges.

jefferson Monticello_Drawing_3-c

Monticello House, Virginia, 1809