Bespoke, a manifesto

The traditional tailors of Savile Row use the word ‘bespoke’ to describe a process of total personalisation of the articles they produce. This means the choice of materials, the measurements, the cut and the combination of accessories. The originality of the finished product does not lie necessarily in the search for the new and the fashionable (a dinner jacket is still a dinner jacket!), but in the way of viewing each project as unique and unrepeatable: made-to-measure in every possible way.

The Homewood way is to apply the concept of bespoke tailoring to the context of kitchen-building. Ours is a service which follows the client’s needs from the very first meeting, through the planning stages, the construction, and to the fitting of the finished kitchen.

For the client, this means owning something not only of superb quality, but which is not destined for the quick throwaway consumerism which characterises today’s markets. These are timeless kitchens which fit seamlessly into a modern context, and can only grow in worth with the passing of the years. Fashions can only come and go, but for a Homewood kitchen, with it’s simple and eternal elegance, rejuvenation is as easy as a coat of paint and a change of handles!